1962 International C-99

There is this pickup truck my grandfather used to own that means a great deal to me. I am not sure why. I never met my grandfather, but his legacy shows what kind of a man he was. He was a good man. He was honest, devoted and hardworking. He built the farm I have grown to love. He was everything I hope to be. He is one of the men I would like to meet someday.

1968 Champion Citabria 7ECA

A new era has dawned, an era of flight. I have always wanted to fly. I have always wanted to soar though the skies and drop in on little airstrips which dot the countryside. I have always dreamed of flying into the mountains. I have read book after book about aircraft and the adventures had in them. I have finally bought an airplane.

1968 VW Dune Buggy

It is time to once again follow in my father's footsteps. This time the challenge is to build a Volkswagen dune buggy, just like he did in the late sixties. It will be a very minimalistic build on a budget (because I am really cheap). You might be surprised what you can do with a small amount of cash and a lot of hard work. Stay tuned for updates.

1987 Chevy Sprint Turbo

I've been on the lookout for a turbocharged Chevy Sprint for a while now. Actually, I've been looking for any turbocharged car from the Suzuki Cultus family. Why would I be scouring the classifieds for a compact car like that? It's complicated. It will take too long to explain. Well...ok. I've got you here, so I might as well tell you the whole story.

ARM7 Camera Trigger

As I near the end of my undergraduate degree, I have a chance to prove myself. This chance comes from the CMPE 450/490 design project which is a sort of coming of age for a computer engineer studying at the University of Alberta. In their early years, all engineers look toward the design project with awe and amazement. Now that I'm in fourth year, everything I have accomplished seems insignificant. I don't feel like I have retained much knowledge from my classes. I don't feel like I have worked hard enough or paid enough attention.

Cistern Water Level Meter

Part of living on a farm is providing your own utilities. We get raw water via a gravity fed line from the nearest town's reservoir. That water line has a very limited capacity and each of the farms it supplies has a restriction as to how much water it can take. We usually get around two gallons per minute. Since that isn't enough volume to even take a shower, we have a 12000 gallon cistern that we use for storage. A problem arises when we irrigate in the summer as a two hour session of lawn watering easily uses 2500 gallons.

Electronic Door Lock

Another project is in order. This time the idea is fairly simple. I want to electronically open the dead bolt on my door. The catch is I can't permanently modify the door in any way. Also, I want the installation to look professional from the outside of the door. This brings me to the main purpose of this project: impress all the ladies. A geek with an electronic gizmo on his door must get noticed by all the ladies right? Here's to hoping.