About Me

My name is Logan Reese and I am a Jack of all trades, master of none. I am good at a lot of things, but there will always be someone who specializes in just one thing that is better at that one thing. I have a broad range of knowledge and experience, and I am always eager to learn something new. I am the man who bridges the gap between all the different fields of engineering and the trades. Everything that I take apart gets put back together and functions either as good or better than new, even when it is easier to buy a new one.

I graduated from the University of Alberta in 2011 with a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering. I have many interests and hobbies, including aviation, mechanics, electronics and programming. I always find myself with something new and exciting to build or destroy. I have many ongoing projects and many ideas still waiting to to be built.

I grew up on a farm in southern Alberta, Canada. My imagination was free to soar in the wide open spaces of such a place. My fondest memory as a youngster was sitting on a piece of cardboard in the shop with a worn out Briggs and Stratton engine sitting in front of me. Each time I went to the shop with my father, I would sit there and tinker with this motor. Each time I would take it apart a little more, using some interesting tools I found on Dad's workbench. I was fascinated by how this engine was put together, and it was not long before my curiosity extended to how it worked. Many of my early building experiences were outright failures, but the ones that worked were downright awesome. Even today, I see many failures, but when something I built actually works, it is pretty cool.

Most of the knowledge that I claim to have came from working with my father, Ken Reese. His experience in mechanics is extensive and his degree in Agriculture Engineering make him an excellent man to learn from. When I ask a question, he knows the answer. He knows how fix almost everything. He is an excellent machinist, welder and farmer. He strongly believes in overengineering and doing something the right way the first time. If I need to build something for one of my projects he can show me the best way to get it done right. His shoes are big and hard to fill, but following in his footsteps has been worth it in every regard.

I also have very knowledgeable friends. They each have a unique knowledge base and area of expertise. My friends have all laughed at my crazy ideas at one point or another, but they all end up contributing in some way. These people have taught me more about life than I could ever learn in a formal setting, and I am grateful for their efforts.

If we have met feel free to add me on Facebook. If you are just some random stranger feel free to browse this site, leave your comments and contact me if you have any questions. If you are an environmental activist please unplug your computer and take it to your local recycling center.